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Construction conditions of hot dipped plastic steel pipe manufacturers are superior

2018-01-03 17:08:20

Drainage pipe drainage should be based on the nature, composition, temperature, water erosion, external loads, soil conditions and construction conditions to give priority to the use of local materials, buried plastics pipe should the conditions permit, and shall be in accordance with the following provisions: the selection of suitable pipe buried plastic pipe, concrete pipe or reinforced concrete gravity drainage tube to a drain treating device; sewage pipe should be adopted plastic drainage pipe; through pipe ditch, river and other special areas or confined can use steel or cast iron pipe, plastic pipe should be applied if the metal casing (the diameter of the casing is plastic pipe diameter 200mm); when the water temperature should be greater than 40 degrees the metal pipe or high-temperature plastic pipe; pipeline corrosion of the wastewater can be used as plastic pipes; located on the road and roadway under plastic drainage pipe hoop The bending stiffness of not less than 8kN/ square meters, is located in the non residential roadway and other sections under plastic drainage pipe circumferential bending stiffness should not be less than 4kN/ square meters.
2. interface: plastic drainage pipe bearing rubber ring, bonding, welding, hoop and other connection methods, should be selected according to the properties of the pipe material and pipe diameter. Concrete, reinforced concrete pipe with rubber ring, steel mesh cement mortar, concrete and cement mortar expansion ring and other four kinds of interface form, should be determined according to the factors such as pipe cast iron pipe with rubber ring; flexible interface and cement mortar pipe should adopt the welding interface; interface; sewage and drainage piping should be combined the flexible interface; when the pipeline passes through the silt, fine sand and at the highest level of underground water, or in the seismic fortification intensity is 8 degrees fortification area, should adopt flexible interface.
Hot dipped plastic steel pipe
When the plastic drainage pipe is used, the gravel foundation is generally used. The concrete, reinforced concrete pipe socket, the value FAK is not less than 100KPA the foundation bearing capacity, should give priority to the rubber ring and sand (soil or arc), FAK is less than 100KPA, should be determined; using concrete, reinforced concrete pipe, rigid interface, concrete strip foundation should be used, but each 20~25m is a flexible interface, and the concrete foundation set deformation joint. Pipes in buried pipelines should have the ability to withstand corrosion and to withstand the corresponding ground load. When DN>75mm is used, ductile iron pipes, water supply plastic pipes and composite pipes can be used. When not more than 75, plastic pipes, composite pipes, and reliable anticorrosive steel pipes can be used. The plastic pipe laid outside the residential area should be used for the PVC-U pipe and the polyethylene (PE) pipe.
The aluminum plastic composite pipe and water supply plastic pipe should not be used in the outdoor compress pipeline.

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