PVC-U pipe VS UPVC pipe

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PVC-U pipe VS UPVC pipe
The PVC-U tube is the same as the UPVC tube. UPVC is also called PVC-U, which is usually called hard PVC. It is an irregular thermoplastic resin made by a polymerization reaction of chlorine chlorine.

What is PVC-U pipe

The PVC-U tube is the same as the UPVC tube. UPVC is also called PVC-U, which is usually called hard PVC. It is an irregular thermoplastic resin made by a polymerization reaction of chlorine chlorine. In addition to the use of additives, it also uses a method of conducting mixed modification materials with other resins to make it significant practical significance.

1. The resins in the above include CPVC, PE, ABS, EVA, MBS, etc. UPVC's melt viscosity and poor circulation. Even if the pressure and melt temperature of the injection work are improved, the transformation of liquidity is not large. In addition, the molding temperature of the resin is very close to the thermal decomposition temperature, and the temperature range that can carry out molding is narrow. It is a type of raw material that is difficult to mold.

2. The U-PVC winding tube is also called double flat wall steel-plastic composite wound tube. It is a new type of technology today. It has a cement pipeline with him. In short, it has an advantage.


What are the PVC pipe specifications?

PVC pipes can be divided into two types: soft PVC pipe and hard PVC pipe based on different characteristics. The key difference is whether there are plasticizers. There are plasticizers in the soft PVC tube, so the physical properties are relatively weak and cannot bear certain pressure. Therefore, soft PVC pipes are usually used on ceiling ceiling, floor tiles, and leather products, and are often used as wire tube applications.

1. There is no plasticizer in the hard PVC tube. It is very easy to form during production and has good physical properties. The hard PVC pipe is usually used as a drainage pipe and the application of water pipes, and has a great comprehensive utilization value.

2. The market share of soft PVC pipes on the market can only be one -third of the market, while the hard PVC tube occupies two -thirds. The raw materials of the PVC tube are not completely thin, but it can apply environmental protection auxiliary to make it a non -toxic green environmental protection product.

3. The specifications of the PVC tube should be distinguished according to its type. Different types of PVC pipes are different. The nominal diameter of the soft PVC pipe is 50mm, which is usually not easy to exceed this specification. The nominal diameter of the hard PVC tube can be made very large, even 600mm size.


PVC-U is a water supply pipe with a complete development trend. It has acid resistance, alkali resistance, strong corrosion resistance, high resistance to impact, high pressure resistance, light quality, cheap price, small fluid resistance, no two-unable to two, no two, no two, no two, no two, no two, no two, no two, no two, unseozoic Secondary environmental pollution meets the advantages of national regulations and convenient operations of engineering construction. Vigorously develop the PVC-U water pipe, which is based on the basic policy of building and building materials for the development trend of the Ministry of Housing and Construction and the State Economic Commission, which is in line with the development trend of the improvement of everyone's living standards.

PVC-U water pipe characteristics

1. Light quality, convenient transportation, loading and unloading, small density, small density

2. High -quality corrosion resistance, excellent acid resistance, alkali resistance, and corrosion resistance, which is quite suitable for chemical industry.

3. The fluid resistance is small, the inner cavity of the tube is smooth, the smooth index is only 0.009, the fluid resistance is small, and the fluid resistance is small. It rationally improves the hydraulic standards of the pipeline network and reduces the cost of system operation.

4. High mechanical strength, the pipes have excellent impact resistance, impact resistance and anti -tensile strength characteristics.

5. The construction of the project is simple, the construction of pipeline connection projects is very easy, and the construction cost of the project is cheap.

6. The cost of engineering is cheap, cheap, convenient for transportation and engineering construction, and long use period, so the overall engineering cost is cheap.

7. Do not endanger water quality, dissolved experiments confirmed that it is not harmful to water quality, and is suitable for large -scale application promotion.


The advangtages of PVC pipe.

Compared with the pipe and traditional pipes of PVC, its highlights depends on the situation where its internal cavity is not easy to have dirt, which ensures the flow of the medium in the pipe. In addition Essence

In order to ensure that the construction of the PVC -to -water pipe's project can be relatively standardized. When carrying out a bonding connection, it is necessary to ensure that the pipeline is sufficient in the pipeline. In addition, pay attention to the demand of the glue agent, and strive to be appropriate. If the amount of use is not enough, you cannot obtain sufficient glue.

However, the amount of adhesive agent in the water pipe is used too much. In addition to the slow evaporation of the solvent, and then the actual effect is slow, the glue agent in the pipe will be slightly harmful to the water flow. The decrease in pressure to withstand is also very easy to cause pipes to crack.

When punching the PVC water pipe, pay attention to the punching diameter of less than 50mm, the PVC drainage pipe drilling equipment can be poured; when the perforated diameter exceeds 50mm, a circular cutter can be used, or the pipe can be selected. Burning red hot holes. In addition, in the process of taking over, to ensure that PVC's normal application of water pipes does not have to be seepage due to carelessness and the problem of soil pollution of sewage to soil pollution.

However, the PVC water pipe is a plastic product. Its rigidity is far less rigid than the cast iron pipe, and its expansion coefficient is large, so it is necessary to effectively select support. And in the case of selecting its products, we must make more comparisons, strictly control the quality, bypass various artificial mistakes, and avoid unqualified products from entering the construction site.

UPVC pipes are used as a water supply pipe for early replacement of galvanized steel pipes, but due to their troublesome and toughness, the ambient temperature will be brittle when it is lower than 5 ° C. When it is higher than 45 ° C, it will be softened. Express.

UPVC is currently used for drainage pipelines. The outdoor water supply design specification mentioned that the water supply pipe can be used to use UPVC pipes, but the actual water pipeline project does not use UPVC pipes. The water pipe pipe pipes mainly use PPR pipes and PE pipes.

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