high pressure flexible gas pipe

high pressure flexible gas pipe
high pressure flexible gas pipe
high pressure flexible gas pipe
high pressure flexible gas pipe
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Asia, America, Europe, Australia, Africa
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Original Place
Weifang, China
high pressure flexible gas pipe,PVC hose Squeeze (charge) out of PVC hose, a variety of colors and sizes of soft and rigid pipe. Environmental standards passed the first European and American standards and provide SGS test report. Among them, ROHS, EN71-3, REACH, NP, NON-PHTHALATES, PAHS, HR4040 and the latest non-organic tin. (Plastic factory, toy factory, handbag factory, etc.) In addition to the size can be customized, the Division I can also customize different colors of hose, such as fluorescent, luminous, reflective and laser glitter, gold and silver spots, and so on! Uses: Antenna Insulation ROHS, sports equipment, hangers, scissors, sphygmomanometer, stethoscope, level tube, fish tank oxygen gas aquarium tube, pump, refill pen, PVC shopping bags, textile baskets RoHS color PVC hose) environmentally friendly.

Weifang Changsheng Plastic Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise of plastic products and plastic machinery. It covers an area of 30000 square meters. Company owns a modernized workshop with more than 20 production lines and complete testing equipment. 

For many years, we committed to the improvement of production process and innovation of products, as well as the increasing various of products to meet the demand of market. Rely on the premium quality, advanced technology, standard manage and quality control system, we build long-term cooperation relationship with clients over 20 countries. 

As an OEM manufacturer, we can supply products as customers' requirement. We sincerely welcome the domestic and foreign friends to visit us.


At present, we supply a variety of PVC hose including

Steel wire and fiber reinforced flexible PVC hose

PVC garden hose

PVC spray hose

High pressure air hose

PVC gas hose

PVC shower hose

Single wallclear pvc hose

PVC suction hose

welding hose

high pressure flexible gas pipe

Our Product Soft LPG Gas Hose, SPVC Gas Flex Hose Natural Gas High Pressure Hose
Size  6.5mm, 8.5mm, 10mm, 12.5mm
Color  Red, green, blue, black, orange
W.P.  40BAR
B.P.  120BAR
Features  High pressure, Anti-abrasion, Aging-resistant, Anti distortion, Flexible

 1. PVC(outer layer): Anti-UV Anti-aging;

 2. PVC layer 

 3. Middle Woven reinforced fabric: bending resistance,    

     pressure resistance, anti-explosion; 

 4. PVC(Inner layer): low/high temperature resistance


Item No. Size Thickness
I.D. O.D.
mm mm mm
FHHP65 6.5 12 2.75
FHHP75 7.5 13 2.75
FHHP85 8.5 14 2.75
FHHP10 10.0 16 3.00
FHHP125 12.5 19 3.25


Through the inheritance and development of the domestic and the world's leading plastic hose technology, to create in line with "care for the environment for the benefit of mankind" concept of environmental protection sanitary plumbing.
After many years of technical innovation, our company's hose products in the same industry in China took the lead through North America, Europe, Australia and many other authoritative international certification.
My company has a modern plant base, complete sets of introduction of international professional production lines, the application of the world's most advanced production technology and production equipment and testing equipment,
Is an annual output of more than 3,000 tons of hose and sanitary products supporting the manufacturing capacity of specialized enterprises.
Over the years, the enterprises adhere to the "integrity-based, quality first, the price is reasonable" business philosophy, adhere to the "customer first" principle to provide our clients with
High quality service. Professional quality, quality service, competitive prices is our consistent aim,
Constant pursuit of excellence and innovation of quality so that our products not only in the country have a stable sales pipeline, but also exported to the world market at home and abroad.
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