pvc fiber strengthened clear pipe

pvc fiber strengthened clear pipe
pvc fiber strengthened clear pipe
pvc fiber strengthened clear pipe
pvc fiber strengthened clear pipe
pvc fiber strengthened clear pipe
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Asia, America, Europe, Australia, Africa
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Weifang, China
Pvc fiber reinforced tube 1, Uses: This product is ideal for general industrial equipment such as water supply and oil supply in industrial agriculture and fishery construction and home 2, Features: Transparent non-toxic pressure resistance Tensile corrosion resistance Aging appearance Beautiful and soft light weight. Pipeline can increase the color of the flag line (not line, two or three lines), more beautiful. 3, temperature: -5 ℃ -65 ℃   Four seasons soft non-toxic and tasteless oil corrosion-resistant acid and alkali (weak) cold.

Weifang Changsheng Plastic Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise of plastic products and plastic machinery. It covers an area of 30000 square meters. Company owns a modernized workshop with more than 20 production lines and complete testing equipment. 

For many years, we committed to the improvement of production process and innovation of products, as well as the increasing various of products to meet the demand of market. Rely on the premium quality, advanced technology, standard manage and quality control system, we build long-term cooperation relationship with clients over 20 countries. 

As an OEM manufacturer, we can supply products as customers' requirement. We sincerely welcome the domestic and foreign friends to visit us.


The drainage mechanism of the water pipe is through the filtration function of the water seepage composite layer which is composed of the non-woven fabric coated on the spring steel wire and the corrosion-resistant and high-strength synthetic fiber filament, so that various fine gravel, clay, fine sand, Organic matter and the like are blocked outside the drainage pipe, and permeable water harmful to the project enters the seepage water guiding pipe through the infiltrating composite layer under the pressure, and then is drained away by the pipe to realize the function of seepage and drainage to reach the discharge of clean water purpose. In civil engineering and water conservancy projects, seepage and groundwater of soils, rock-based projects and so on are often excluded. The existence of water can have many adverse effects on civil engineering, water conservancy and other construction projects as well as various forms of harm and destruction.

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