pvc steel wire reinforced flexible pipe

pvc steel wire reinforced flexible pipe
pvc steel wire reinforced flexible pipe
pvc steel wire reinforced flexible pipe
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PVC wire reinforced hose Introduction: PVC hose Uses: Can be widely used in food, health industry, industrial, agricultural and engineering pumping suction water, oil, powder ideal pipe. PVC hose features: This product is a PVC hose embedded steel skeleton, the product is light, transparent (can see the flow of objects within the tube), weathering good, small bending radius, resistance to negative pressure capability. Under vacuum and high pressure to maintain the original shape. Can be increased in the tube surface markings, more beautiful. PVC hose temperature: -30 ℃ ~ 65 ℃ PVC hose main raw materials: PVC, steel wire

Weifang Changsheng Plastic Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise of plastic products and plastic machinery. It covers an area of 30000 square meters. Company owns a modernized workshop with more than 20 production lines and complete testing equipment. 

For many years, we committed to the improvement of production process and innovation of products, as well as the increasing various of products to meet the demand of market. Rely on the premium quality, advanced technology, standard manage and quality control system, we build long-term cooperation relationship with clients over 20 countries. 

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At present, we supply a variety of PVC hose including

Steel wire and fiber reinforced flexible PVC hose

PVC garden hose

PVC spray hose

High pressure air hose

PVC gas hose

PVC shower hose

Single wallclear pvc hose

PVC suction hose

welding hose



PVC resin spiral pipe for the transparent non-toxic hose, referred to as tendon tube.
Bead tube temperature: the use of temperature at minus 5 degrees Celsius - zero on the 65 degrees Celsius.
Beef tube features:
A: PVC tendon tube light weight, PVC skeleton part (tendons), soft part of all transparent, agricultural, industrial use of the tube at a glance.
Second: PVC beef tendon tube excellent low temperature resistance is any other kind of pipe can not be compared.
Three: Weatherability is superb, not affected by any season of spring, summer, autumn and winter.
Four: small bending radius, bending freely (4-inch tube bending radius of 40 cm).
Five: negative pressure is good, PVC tendon tube does not exist suction deflated, broken, delamination and so on.
Sixth: Because the material is rich in anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet radiation of raw materials, so the anti-aging of PVC beef tendon tube far exceeds the spiral tube, the service life is several times the PVC spiral tube.
Use of tendon tube:
A: tendon tube not only non-toxic, but also for the catering industry, alcohol industry, the other can also transport acid and alkali corrosive media.
Second: Industrial, agricultural and engineering pumping pumping water, sewage, mud, oil, powder ideal pipe.
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